[Monster Madness] Season IV - New Season, New Cards/Rewards!


Runicar is an ex-Dliver but a Steemian at heart. He has been on the blockchain for more than 17 moons and does everything in his powers to help others grow as he pushes forward hymself. He created @streamersunite a manual curation project for STEEMs abandoned live streamers. Use #streamersunite to make it easier on him to find your streams and curate them!

@streamersunite welcomes in any new delegations and rewards those who support the project with guaranteed upvotes.

Stream Info

Season IV has officially started and there are some pretty exciting changes we need to talk about!

Join the Monster Madness Live and enjoy SteemMonsters without the drawback of spending all of your hard earned STEEM on cards!

Or Duel me in the Arena!

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