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It's Memorial Day in America. Today we remember those who gave their lives serving the country they loved. There will be parades, parties, and memorials held all across the nation. If you're not going to any of them, perhaps you will join me as I show quite a few war films today.
Thank you for your support! x x Mo

@gamer005.000 STEEMlogging off
@penderis0.500 SBDMake it rain haha
@treachrenfro1.420 STEEMTanks for the chuckles!
@chiren5.000 STEEM✌️ RESPECT
@greenhouseradio2.000 SBDPrize pool..low on steem RESPECT
@treachrenfro0.500 STEEM
@treachrenfro1.420 SBD
@greenhouseradio2.000 STEEMMaybe this can be used for giveaway. RESPECT
@clove711.000 SBDLooks like a cool game! :-)
@chiren1.000 STEEMThis game makes me want to go out in the woods and build a camp. Or wear a skirt and go for a bike ride in the snow. One of those 2.
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