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7 Days to Die w Bembel: Alpha 18 Vanilla(ish)

7 Days to Die

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We Survived!!

Fun Pimps have outdone themselves with the Alpha 18 upgrade! The graphics are sic, the zombies are faster, and there's a new weapon that I have grown quite fond of...the cattle prod! I can poke, smack, and shock the shit out of the undead and it's AWESOME! I am really digging the up close, in your face attacks. So sweet. Anyway....get your hiney in here and say YO! Help me and Vimm grow to become the greatest things on the planet! x x Mo

@bembelmaniac1.000 STEEMwoop woop
@gamer005.000 STEEMlogging off
@penderis0.500 SBDMake it rain haha
@treachrenfro1.420 STEEMTanks for the chuckles!
@chiren5.000 STEEM✌️ RESPECT
@greenhouseradio2.000 SBDPrize pool..low on steem RESPECT
@treachrenfro0.500 STEEM
@treachrenfro1.420 SBD
@greenhouseradio2.000 STEEMMaybe this can be used for giveaway. RESPECT
@clove711.000 SBDLooks like a cool game! :-)