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Teenage Ducks. I can't call them Babies anymore.


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Our goal is to provide a live stream mix of relaxing natural(ish) ambient audio with LIVE animal action.

To give you something you can listen to in the background or enjoy full screen.

Something that can be exciting, beautiful and funny. That's never the same and always entertaining.

So listen in while you finish that spreadsheet or sit back with some popcorn and enjoy the show. Either way we welcome you to our beautiful home and I hope you love it as much as we do.

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Teenage Ducks.

I can't call them Babies anymore.

I can no longer call the baby ducks babies. They are in all ways teenagers. Their voices are changing. They are long, gangly and uncoordinated. Their fluff is turning into feathers giving them that unkempt scraggly look. Their feet don't match their bodies and they stink.

4 Days Old | 10 Days Old | 15 Days Old | 22 Days Old --- | --- | --- | --- Duck at 4 days old.jpg|Baby_Ducks_10_Days_Old.jpg|Baby_Ducks_15_Days.jpg|Baby_Ducks_22_Days_Oldcrop.jpg

It wont be long and they will outgrow this too.


Feeding Time with @goat-girlz

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Feeding time is roughly 08:00 PST and 30 minutes before dark every day. PST = UTC -8

(roughly = life happens)

Evening feeding time will change as the days get longer.

We are thinking about doing a Goat Milking demonstration. If anyone interested in that let us know in the comments.

Goats, Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Dogs, Cats....

Come join us for the excitement! Stay for the relaxation!

Nothing is more fun than watching Goats, Ducks and Chickens do their thing.

It's like a fish tank but not as boring.

Cameras will be left on 24/7.

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