Intive/(PC)//Saturday!! finishing up quests & need more Relics/ level up


OOOOOOOOOHhhh hold on, my sugar bear it's mine time now XD. First and foremost I would like to thank you for stopping by and welcome you personally to the stream. My short name is Moe BUT call me lanabear or lilbear and sometime my twins sis come inn an play some game with ya'', her short name is Dom but call her :HOENYBEAR and we are from North Carolina, soo plz show some respect and kindness. An it really nice to meet ya lovely bear people... So, with that being said, I hope you enjoy your time here. Catch ya BEAR later.

you can follow me @ twitch: mixer: facebook: Vimm: Dlive:

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Hello everyone! Welcome to lanabear channel! Make yourselves at home and enjoy the show Follow me! FACEBOOK: mo Discord : Dtube:!/c/lanabear


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