TSP 53 - The Steeming Pile - Jump on the Pile and Say HI!

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John Spalding is creating Social Broadcasting, Live Broadcasting, and Virtual Meetings. Broadcast Shows Include - The Steeming Pile, Morning Coins w/ John & Chas, and S&G Connections.

Stream Info

@thesteemingpile is an open space live broadcasting project for the #steem & @vimm Community. We set up the theme and create the agenda live on air. Feel free to jump on the pile and stay for as long or as little as you’d like.

TSP is built on a self organizing framework called Open Space Technology developed by Harrison Owen. The meetings have Four Main Principles and One Law

Four Principles Whoever Comes Are the Right People

Whatever Happens is the Only Thing that Could Have Happened

Whenever it Starts is the Right Time

When It is Over It is Over

One Law The Law of Two Feet - Each person must take their own individual responsibility to participate (or not) at the level they are comfortable. If the conversation does not suit them, either start up another conversation (in a break out group) or go do something useful somewhere else.

TSP Jump on The Pile TO Jump on the pile live, go to or download the zoom app and enter this room code. 468186430

Tuesday's at 9:30p EST and some Sundays at around 5p EST.

LIVE ON @vimm. Powered by #steem for me. Check out each episode to see where we will simulcast the show.

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