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Morning Coins w/ John & Chas

Join us as we explore the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We may be dissecting your favorite project or uncovering your next investment. Watch, learn and participate. Today is LBRY - The token project that is dedicated to putting a blockchain based digital library at your fingertips. Watch and comment on @vimm and join live using the zoom.us call in number provided during the show. Slides for Today

In the off chance that my stream is not working, you can join live here we will go from about 10am EST until 11am EST.

@crollo3 produces content for our weekly cryptocurrency talk show broadcasted on the G1NBC @g1ntoken account on @vimm. Tune in and chat live. For promotional inquiries and to have your coin/token/project featured contact @johnspalding on the vimm discord

@johnspalding from G1NBC Cuyahoga Co

@crollo3 from G1NBC Gennessee Co

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