Thanks For Watching!!!!!! Donations are much appreciated. All donations go towards the stream. Always open to thoughts and ideas to make the stream better as well. Thx!

Stream Sch. Monday 11am - 4pm Thursday 11am - 4pm Friday 11am - 4pm

If you want to support my channel with cryptocurrency, my addresses are below. BTC: 3C5hPxaUFCJEMkj3PKLEiXifXrEdqYRYU3 LTC: LbfgTqC8FwYrerrzhgXmQQC9PB5MjWgV47 Please message me if you do so I can thank you!!!

My Setup: ThermalTake Glass Case I5-4690k @3.5GHz 16gig Ram Zotac 1070 TI Corsair K55 Keyboard Corsair M65 Pro Mouse Logitech G633 Headset

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