Happy Weekend! I tamed a Bittrex on ARK. Bittrex now a Prime Exchange

ARK: Survival Evolved

Variety Streaming is what I've always done. I never seem to stick to just one game and don't always have time to stream lately due to work and other distractions. Mainly doing Steem Monsters & SM giveaways but my favorite games right now (besides SM) is PUBG, Battlefield, Fallout 4, This War of Mine, Fortnite and GTAV for starters. I once had all the time but then I got a day job!

Stream Info

Happy Friday Steemit! Christmas is just around the corner and tonight, I've got my tree up right behind me! I've been having so much fun gaming and having a bit of an addictive personality means that I get into anything that I do. This also means that all the other posts I enjoy doing are lurking in the back of my mind, constantly nagging and having so many hobbies certainly makes it hard! Especially when it comes to ARK. It's just very time consuming and a short stream means I'm not getting much done.

In essence, once we are fully established, I'll be able to slow down a little bit more. I'm just happy to be posting more frequently again. As always, feel free to stop by and say hi and chat.

I bring you the ARK Bittrex

It was a long 8 hour stream last night but it was worth it at the end. Just below our base I saw a high level T-Rex so I went for it. The thing about taming is that it takes time and I was doing it right at bar close, so I was risking losing the tame but I lucked out and got it done. It had a lower than expected tame efficiency (about 80%) due to two annoying piranha's that decided to attack since the rex got knocked out on the shore of a river.

Taming dino's is not just important because they are tools, but they also lay eggs. Each dino has a preferred Kibble that you cook with eggs. However; Rex's have a special use. They are important for Boss Fights, but a Wild Tames dino is just not enough.

ARK Eventually becomes a Dinosuar Orgy, making you their pimp.

By the time it's all said and done, you are basically performing dinosaur orgies on ARK, as you have one or two specifically selected high level male rex's (and other dino's too) mating with multiple female Rex's to get them to lay a fertilized egg and raise baby rex's. These mated dino's are given better stats and mutations that make them look awesome. This makes the taming efficiency very important. Since stats are generated when you knock them out, checking stats before you tame it is important and if the stats are not good enough, letting the rex wake up and knock it out again is something I should have done but didn't have the time for.

I went for a crypto related naming them for my dino's from the get-go, and the Rex couldn't have made for a better tame. For one, my name ingame is bit. It's a T-Rex, and it's Bit's T-Rex. So Bittrex (The cryptocurrency exchange) was a fitting, puntastic name for her. Let's see if I can keep that up... (yeah right). Maybe some Steem Monsters named dino's will work.

So it's been a lot of farming for materials and resources but we're getting somewhere. Soon we'll be on a taming spree looking for the best of dino's The max wild dino level is 150, so a 99% tame efficiency for a level 150 is considered a perfect tame. Have a great weekend everyone!

I run a business at night where I take bar patrons home in their vehicles, so stream interruptions are inevitable but I will typically announce if I'm coming back.


When I joined Steemit I made the decision to always Power-Up my earnings. For now, payouts are set to 50/50 but you bet I will convert & Power Up! Besides internal transfers, I have never cashed out and don't plan on it! Power-Up only!


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