Variety Streaming is what I've always done. I never seem to stick to just one game and don't always have time to stream lately due to work and other distractions. Mainly doing Steem Monsters & SM giveaways but my favorite games right now (besides SM) is PUBG, Battlefield, Fallout 4, This War of Mine, Fortnite and GTAV for starters. I once had all the time but then I got a day job!

Stream Info

Updates on my PC

My PC that melted midstream was covered under the warranty so it's getting fixed for free now. I should have it back in a week or two. Before I turned it in I used the 1050 from it on my old pc to play, but I had to put it back. This left me with a 750ti to downgrade to, and I wasn't having that so I went and bought a 1050ti. This is quite an improvement and my games run a lot smoother now. To be honest, my 10 year old PC is now performing better then my new pc that just broke. What's the difference? Well, my old PC is a full ATX while the new pc is a mini-ITX. Let's just say I'll never buy a mini-ITX again, and there's a good chance that I won't even use my new pc to game with when I get it back.

ATLAS Spelled backwards is SALT, EY?

It can be hard to advance in this game with no friends to play with. Luckily I've got a few that are playing with us and it makes the adventures a lot of fun! Even though there's a lot of salt in the game, we're having fun. We started to think that the game was going to break us, but then we broke the game. We were having a hard time finding specific resources but then we found a map editor for a private server that includes the official map grid, allowing us to figure out exactly where all the resources spawn. While it takes away from the adventure of hunting for resources, the game takes long enough to play, we don't need to spend 100s of hours looking for one resource anymore, which is a huge time saver. We find it in the editor, and go get it.

The last few days I've been testing the game with my new video card and OBS open to figure out what settings I can play in.

We've gotten a big streamer with over 30k followers to join us so we gave him the stream floor last night, but this was a dlive thing and I don't know how salty everyone is still about dlive so I'm not gonna get too heavily into it, but we're definitely starting to make waves!

During the testing I tried taming a rhino only to get that typical ~~ark~~ atlas trolling from the server,. I was taming a rhino and got him to 85% and then he smacked me a thousand feet back which lead me to falling to my death. By the time I got back, the tame decayed to 45% but I kept on. When I got to 90% the game threw a death heat wave at me which made me slowly die, where I was able to get the tame as high as 98.6% which means I only needed 1 more bola and two turnips to get the tame, but the heat wave killed me. By the time I got back, he was down to 90% so I could still make it, but the server said no and threw 2 vultures at my corpse before I could harvest it, and then the vultures killed the rhino because they are so glitchy that I wasn't getting any hit registration. Wasted time, back to the drawing boards -- I'm off to collect more turnips cause I ran out. Seriously pissed me off and added more SALT! Let's try again.

Anyone else playing SALTA?

When I joined Steemit I made the decision to always Power-Up my earnings. For now, payouts are set to 50/50 but you bet I will convert & Power Up! Besides internal transfers, I have never cashed out and don't plan on it! Power-Up only!


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